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Image result for Bruno Latour Image result for Bruno Latour Image result for Bruno Latour Image result for Bruno Latour Image result for Bruno LatourMore images Bruno Latour French philosopher Bruno Latour is a French philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist. He is especially known for his work in the field of science and technology studies. Wikipedia Born: 22 June 1947 (age 70 years), Beaune, France Era: Contemporary philosophy Influenced by: Gilles Deleuze, Michel Serres, Gabriel Tarde, MORE Alma maters: Institut de recherche pour le développement, François Rabelais University (Doctor of Philosophy) Schools: Continental philosophy, Social constructionism, Actor–network theory Books View 15+ more We Have Never Been Modern (1991) We Have Never Been Mo... 1991 Reassembling the Social (2005) Reassembling the Social 2005 An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence (2013) An Inquiry Into Modes of Existen... 2013 Laboratory Life (1979) Laboratory Life 1979 Science in Action (1987) Science in Action 1987 People also search for View 15+ more Michel Callon Michel Callon Steve Woolgar Steve Woolgar Donna J. Haraway Donna J. Haraway Gilles Deleuze Gilles Deleuze John Law John Law
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